I suppose if I had left off the previous page a little differently, I could have had the reveal today, but I wanted that to be posted on a Monday which is when most people come by the page. Also this page shows of one of the significant differences between how Maxima’s and Achilles’s invulnerability works. Max’s protects her hair/clothes/etc to a significant degree, whereas Achilles’s doesn’t. Well, it probably does a little bit, otherwise his clothes would have completely burned off, but that’s more to do with it not being that kind of comic that an actual artifact of how his powers work. Also to show that even when panicking, Sydney’s ADHD can sort of be an asset. In the few seconds she’s been running around, her mind has run through a dozen scenarios and she decided that if something bad is happening to the orbs, which she can’t escape from incidentally, seeking refuge on the leeward side of Achilles is the best bet.

So the other big news in case you haven’t seen is that I’m going to be posting  on Mondays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future, certainly at least while I am looking for a job. Of course ideally the comic would become my job. Personally I think it’s premature to try and do so since I don’t have a book to sell yet, but I’m certainly willing to take a stab at it as I’d much rather create and entertain with something that only I can do than go back to being a corporate cog. To that end I’ve set up a Patreon account which definitely has a promising start, and I deeply appreciate everyone that’s become a patron so far. Please check it out and remember if you can’t contribute directly to the comic (or aren’t quite that committed to it (understandable, there are lot of comics I read but don’t support financially even when I could)) but still want to help, sharing it on facebook, twitter, reddit and whatever else you like is a great way to help build support.

Be sure to check back on Monday for the reveal. I think you guys will like it. :)