I’m so tempted to leave just the smiley as the comment but, well you guys know I can get a little verbose in these. I really enjoyed designing this, and yes, I know what all of the nodes do. I have an Illustrator file with a very spoileriffic text layer. :) It turns out that Maxima was correct about Sydney leveling up – just in a more literal sense than she knew.

I’m the sort of guy that enjoys designing skilltrees recreationally. Diablo II is one of my all time favorite games. It had a pretty basic skilltree in it, until the 1.10 patch that added the skill synergies. Personally I’m ambivalent about how skills worked in Diablo III. It has its merits but being able to swap skills out whenever you want dilutes player agency IMO. Currently I’m enjoying Path of Exile quite a bit – and it has a rather unique skill system. The actual abilities are either random drops or quest rewards, which I was leery of at first, but after a few playthroughs you start stockpiling skills and can build just about anything you want. The interesting thing about PoE’s skilltree is that it’s all passive abilities – a massive, interconnected web of abilities, rather reminiscent of the Final Fantasy 10 Sphere Grid.

After playing a little Path of Exile, I almost went back and redesigned Sydney’s skilltree and made it far more complicated, but decided to leave it as is for now. It’s not like she can’t discover additional features in the future. :)


Hi there, my name’s Halo! I’m a big time Superhero and this is my first big endorsement, so listen up!

Patreon, for those of you who haven’t heard of it before, is like Kickstarter for microtransactions. Instead of funding one off projects, Patreon is for giving ongoing support to independent artists you enjoy. It creates a steady source of revenue they can come to depend on to help support their projects or even just pay their bills so they can concentrate on making more of what you love.

If everyone who read the comic pledged $1 per month (much cheaper than XBOX Live, a monthly subscription to Xmen, or A sandwich) DaveB could live in a house made entirely of caviar and ponies. If one tenth of readers pledged that much, he could still make his living off the comic and produce extra pages on a regular basis. Granted he’s doing that right now, but until the Patreon campaign hits a certain level, his saving will eventually erode to the point that he will need to find a full time job. So please consider contributing even a small amount (or a big amount, we’re not picky) to support the comic if you’ve enjoyed it so far, and DaveB will continue to endeavor to improve his art and writing and will keep entertaining for many years to come! Thanks!