To be clear, Maxima never actually said the stuff about batman on any of the previous pages, but of course there’s been lots of off camera conversations. Obviously Sydney was the topic of a lot of those discussions. Also, don’t worry, what happened with the skilltree will be talked about on the next page.

Speaking of which, I have two versions of the skilltree panel up as wallpapers over at DeviantArt. The original version minus Achilles and the word bubble, and another one with Ding Sydney.

Also on this page, the return of tubey!

Thank you guys so much for all the support over at Patreon. (And Paypal and the Amazon referral link.) When I set up the account over there, I looked around at other comics on Patreon that were in relatively the same “webcomic weight class” and honestly I didn’t really expect I’d actually make it to the $1,000 goal for several months, if at all. In fact I thought it was pushing it a little to even include such a lofty goal, but the fact that we got there in under two weeks means one, I should re-evaluate my weight class I guess, and two, I need to add some more goals because why not. Also while hitting the goal allows me to do the comic full time for a little while, it’s still not enough to live on, but at least now I don’t have to scramble to find a job right away. I won’t bore you with financial planning stuff, but as promised I’ll definitely be doing two comics a week for at least the next several months. So again, thank you everyone for your support, from reading the comic, sharing it on the social network of your choice, to directly contributing financially.