I really had to resist the temptation of digressing the conversation into exactly what portion of the EM spectrum succubi can see and drawing a panel of how the world looks through Dabblers eyes. For instance a shot of her looking at Maxima and Anvil but she sees Max with much more muted purples in her hair because she doesn’t see as far into the violet/ultraviolet spectrum as we do, but further into the red/IR spectrum, so Anvil’s hair is blown out.

It kind of bugs me how other races in everything are always human plus. Klingons are taller and much stronger than humans. Vulcans are smarter and stronger and have tactile telepathy, elves have infravision and live for 1000 years or whatever. At least an orc is stronger than a human but presumably less intelligent to balance out the point totals. Dabbler has a lot of advantages over humans even without all her extra curricular skills, but at least she has trouble telling mauve from lavender. Until she tweaks the dials on her cybernetic eye that is. Normally it’s set to match her natural vision exactly, (with some added heads up widgets of course) ’cause otherwise I’d imagine having mismatched vision would give you a headache. However her cybernetic eye is capable of a broader range of vision than most natural eyes. It’s just not always scanning into radio frequencies.

I realize just before I posted this page that the orb switches hands between panel 3 and 4… it was too much work to redraw her arms or flip her around so late, so lets just say she can switch hands while spending the point as long as at least one is still touching the orb.

sydpatreon_smallI know DaveB said he’d throw the Patreon pimpage over to the tipjar, but considering that it’s becoming his primary source of income (at least until there’s a book ready to print) it seems both prudent and practical to have it front and center for a while longer. Again, thanks to everyone for the support so far. As the celebrity endorser, I get 10%, and I’m paid in hotsauce, so keep em coming! Also he’s added some support levels and milestone goals, so it may be worth re-visiting the page.

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