Boy Sydney’s just full of mysteries lately isn’t she? Don’t fret, this one at least will be resolved relatively soon.

I knew whatever gross combination of flavors I tried to come up with, there’d be some Scandinavian or Asian country that would be all “Hey, that’s our national dish!” So I apologize beforehand. I’m sorry your national dish happens to be the sort of thing that someone would come up with if they were trying to invent an awful combination of flavors for comedy purposes.

I thought about this after I laid out the page, but there’s really no way that Harem would sit with herself like that. She’d divide and conquer and be part of 5 different conversations at once. But no I wanted to draw her all sitting together in one panel, because I’m a big dummy who likes spending 3 hours penciling a single panel. I suspect she’ll drift around the table once the appetizers arrive. Still, I’m pretty pleased with the art on the page, so I’ll go ahead and say it was worth it. (And yes I know I need to go fix Strawberry Blonde Harem’s outfit from the last time we saw her as she was still in her Thing 1 shirt. When I drew this page I decided she’d swap out which one of her was in uniform.)


<– And I’m still doing this. Also don’t forget to check back Friday for the Valentines Day Vote incentive.