Remember how last page I called myself a a big dummy who likes spending an inordinate amount of time on a single panel… I think this is everyone I’ve introduced over at Archon so far. Achilles is behind Max, Jiggawatt is absent though that’s intentional. It feels like there should be a lot more though. Of course the base isn’t left empty, there’s tons of support staff and lower level people manning the fort. I guess Maxima is getting them a Fajita Friday or something.

Links ahoy!
The Valentines Day Sex Drive thingy is up. Check it out, throw me a vote over at TWC then hit the DeviantArt page for the regular and the “sans camo” version in wallpaper size.

DeviantArt user WWJDTD posted a cleaned up diagram of Sydney’s skilltree. He posted it in the comments for that page but I thought I’d top level it.

And speaking of linking things from DeviantArt, I only realized recently that Fred Perry of Gold Digger (and Action Time Buddies) drew a thank you Maxima for me linking to his webcomics, the aforementioned Action time Buddies. If you haven’t already, check it out. The best way to describe it is Adventure Time meets My Little Pony.

Kyle Maxwell does a slacker superhero webcomic called Honey Badger and Friends and is a long time fan of Grrl Power. Maxima guest stars in his Valentines Day strip, and it doesn’t go well.