I’ve been told that girls actually do this with last names sometimes. Sydney’s reversing it obviously but you see it in sit-coms all the time where a woman meets an attractive guy and she introduces herself by blurting out her first name followed by his last name. I’m sure most girls have either never or rarely do this, but still, as a guy, learning this was anything more than a sit-com gag this kind of blew me away. As far as I’m aware, guys never meet women and imagine them with their last name until after they’ve been dating them for 3+ years. Still, I thought it would be amusing to see Sydney subvert it a little since she’s asserted that whoever she marries will be taking her last name.

It may be a while within the comic before we actually get to meed Sydney’s folks, so hopefully this page will give you some idea of what they’re like. Guess which one Sydney takes after more. Unrelated, I don’t think I drew Leon tall enough in relation to Sydney. He has bad posture though so I’ll blame it on that.

Spelling tip of the day: while writing this I learned that blond is for men and blonde is for women. Also for some reason Evernote’s dictionary flags blonde as misspelled. It also thinks that “Evernote’s” is misspelled. I don’t understand why spellcheck dictionaries are so flummoxed by apostrophe esses. I assume Evernote shares dictionaries with Chrome or there’s a Windows one they all use. Whatever the case is, it seems curiously deficient with a lot of fairly common words.

I had planned on using the QR Code gag back on this page, (when Leon’s shirt was green, whoops) but it wound up being too small to scan, so I just sat on it for… almost exactly a year. Wow. Apparently I’m patient.

I’ll be doing a live interview this Saturday, Feb 22 at 10 -11am CST on Google Hangouts. I think it will just be me and Kurt Sasso from TGT Media on the video call, but people will be able to live chat with us during the interview and we’ll definitely take questions. I’ll update this space as I get more details.  link! UPDATE! I originally posted this as 11am -12 but it’s 10-11 am CST. Stupid timezones.


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