Another randomly double tall page because I couldn’t get the right sense of scale when I tried cramming Phenomenal Cosmic Star into itty bitty panels.

This Mitchell and Webb skit is directly responsible for the title of this page. BTW if you’re not familiar with them, there’s tons of Mitchell and Webb on youtube, whole episodes I think. They’re all quite good.  They have another show which is on Netflix called Peep Show which I also recommend, especially if you like the sort of show where the characters are occasionally really horrible to each other a la It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The hook of Peep Show is that the camera is always the POV of one of the characters, complete with internal dialog like I was wishing for in the post under the previous page come to think of it.

If you haven’t heard enough of me blabbing on about comic stuff, I was also a guest on the Webcomic Alliance podcast, which is primarily a podcast for webcomic creators as they spend most of their time asking and answering questions like what’s the best way to attract people to my booth at a con, how do I grow my audience, all that jazz. This particular episode is mostly a Q&A with me about Patreon.


<– Speaking of Patreon…