As a fellow ADD sufferer, I’ve always been terrible about remembering people’s names. They tell me what it is, and in that same instance I’m thinking about that scene in Dune where the guy says “Mua’dib” while he still has his weirding module on and he winds up blowing up the doorway or something and there’s that close up of Paul while he thinks “My name…. can kill…” and then I’m thinking that more movies should use internal dialog presented in whisper form or at least have a second audio channel as an option on the DVD that has what everyone is thinking or maybe word bubbles on a video overlay like Pop Up Video and more things should have a pop up video option with all sorts of factoids because those are really interesting and what was that guy’s name? Probably Paul. I remember thinking Paul recently.

The simple way to avoid that is to just train yourself to repeat their names right after you hear it, either internally or make yourself say “Hello Mike.” instead of just “Hi.” Of course you have to remember to do that instead of thinking about Batman.

My point is that probably the most unrealistic thing about my comic where superheroes exist, are militarized, recruit some maniac nearly sight unseen and put her on national TV with a few hours of meeting her is that Sydney has remembered everyone’s name so far. Well NO MORE!

BTW in case you missed it, go back a page if you’re looking for a scanable version of Leon’s QR code.

Links ahoy!
Flaky Pastry recently just posted their 500th strip. This is a comic I highly recommend if you like Grrl Power. It pushes a lot of the same buttons; Female leads, humor, zaniness, etc. It’s not super heroes but rather “basically D&D” meaning it’s somewhere between Tolkien-esque fantasy and WoW.

The TGT interview is up. We chat about the comic in general, characters, writing, Patreon, etc. About 47 minutes in I show one of the finished pages and go through the art process a little. Hopefully I didn’t forget I’m on video and start picking my nose or anything. Man I talk fast. Apparently I say “but, um” and “you know” a LOT. Geeze, I need to work on that.