The guy Sydney is shooting though in panel 4 is called “Nyah Nyah Can’t Hit Me Man.”  It briefly said that on his chest but I thought the target symbol was better and it was too busy to include both. He can phase, teleport, can throw his image a dozen feet in any direction, and has danger sense and the agility of Apollo. He doesn’t actually commit any crimes though, he just shows up during battles and annoys everyone. And I’m this (–] [–) close to making him canon.

Panel 6 was inspired by some Fantastic Four comic I saw 15 years ago where exactly what I drew was happening. The Human Touch dogfighting some guy over New York and it occurred to me that the death toll would be in the thousands. According to the 1st edition Marvel RPG, his fire beams do WAY more damage than a tank round.

I generally don’t pat myself on the back in the comic comment here, but I giggle at “Scraps of Hope” every time.

Alternative Target names:
D’Awww!: Petting Zoo and Kitten Kennel
A Delicate Future: Endangered Eagle Breeding Program
Museum of Angry Gods Sealed Away in Brittle China
Make a Wish Hospice <- Oh god why would I even think of something like this?


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