I’m actually sure that Sydney could belt off a dozen examples of superheroes getting sued for property damage or wrongful death, the obvious example is The Incredibles, but that’s something that might happen in one out of a hundred titles. It’s basically a non-event, when in the real world being a superhero would probably be nearly impossible from a property damage lawsuit standpoint. I also want to be clear that I’m not bagging on comic books or setting my comic up to be all about courtroom procedure, I just like poking a little fun at the genre tropes. In case you hadn’t caught on to that yet. Also, I would like to see a comic where a super lawyer goes after supervillains.

I’ve always found hitting people with cars a curious strategy. Sure there are some cases where that makes sense. If you’re fighting someone tough but not strong, like a Diamond Jill, dropping a car on them makes sense cause you can pin them under it. If you’re one of those mid range strong guys like Sunspot or Spiderman, there’s a decent chance that hitting someone with a car could hurt more than just punching them, but if you’re Superman? Compared to his punches, hitting someone with a car must feel like he’s wrapping you in a fuzzy blanket. Which, granted, immediately explodes, cause, you know, comic book physics, but still. Superman is called the man of steel, but he is demonstrably way god damned harder than steel. Nutronium could take lessons from him. So if he hits someone with a car, he’s just being a dick to the owner of the car.

So, about the mosaic effect in panel three… I’m still trying to decide how violent I want the violence to be in the comic, the thing is, in addition to liking everything from slapstick comedy like Dragon Half to cute stuff like Azumanga Diaoh, I really like dirty humor like Ebichu or Archer and really over the top peak violence/gory stuff like Fist of the Northstar, Ricky-Oh, Gantz and Parasyte. Those are hard to mix, though Onepunch Man blends slapstick and violence pretty well. It’s funny though how characters tend to write themselves, and with 35 pages of only Sydney as the main character, this comic slid squarely into the cute, slapstick and lighhearted arena fairly quickly. I’m fine with that, and I think it might be a bit of a bait and switch to start going nuts with the gore all of a sudden, so you don’t have to worry about Dabbler bisecting anyone with her sword any time soon. As usual I’m not sure where to draw the line though. Scratches? Bloody nose? Sure. Bullet wounds? Someone getting stabbed? Eh, I think if it’s used sparingly that’s ok too, but  a bloody stump, I thought it didn’t quite jive with the feel of the comic, even though it would have only been 20 pixels tall and is imaginary and used for (dark) comedic effect. We’ll see where I wind up going with that, but you don’t have to worry about limbs starting to fly off on every page.

I would like more dirty humor in the comic though. Dabbler will provide a little of that in a few pages. :)

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention, I made the women’s locker room X-Ray poster into an actual poster in case anyone is interested.


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