Told ya Dabbler would bring the dirty. Boy I could write a dozen pages like this, and probably will eventually, but not in this scene. I’ve put myself on a schedule to page 200 which has kept the writing from to get too tangential, the result of that is all the pages till then have mini comics under them. Trying to keep myself on track just makes me compress in addition to cutting.

It’s interesting trying to write both sides of the feminist coin – honestly I had never considered Dabbler’s take on that expression before I wrote this page, but it wasn’t to hard to come up with it once I thought about it instead of having the usual gut reaction of “well obviously that’s sexist” and also “hur hur” (because people are complex that way.)

Eye rolls are hard to draw. Without animation, it makes someone look like they’re trying to look at their own forehead or they’re having a stroke. Maxima’s eye roll reference courtesy of Liz Lemon.

Coming up next page… the biggest reveal in the comic yet! Ok not really.

ComicMix is doing their annual webcomic faceoff. Their page is slow at the best of times so be patient with it. They’re obviously severely overloaded at the moment – that or some script they’re running on their page is wrecking Chrome. You don’t need to log in or create an account within the brackets, you actually vote below all the brackets with inconveniently non-alphabetical list.  Vote for as many comics as you like, so have at it if you’re sufficiently patient to put up with their site. As I recall last year, Grrl Power made it either to the quarter or semi finals, losing finally to Ava’s Demon. It’d be cool to at least match that this year!


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