I like how apparently this steakhouse serves all their entrees with sides of bacon.

If you’ve never done it, treat yourself to Churrascaria at least once. (Unless you don’t eat meat obviously.) It’s a style of restaurant where you pay a flat rate, usually quite a bit, like $50-65, and waiters dressed like understated matadors bring you unlimited meat. Quality meat. Imagine all you can eat rack of lamb, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, filet mignon, sausage, rib eye, bacon wrapped, beef ribs, pork ribs, Parmesan crusted pork loin… you get the idea. It’s a lot of money, but it’s great once or twice a year, birthdays and the like. It was at a Churrascharia place that I had Achilles’s exact thought. I freely admit to making nyom nyom sounds and doing orgasm eyerolls. I could go a few days as a pure vegetarian, there’s plenty of delicious non-meat things to eat, but after a 3-4 days, maybe a week, I’d be going spare for a burger or something involving sausage.

I love how writing works some time. The woman on the left in the second panel (named Seneca, even though her name doesn’t appear anywhere in the comic yet, just for reference) has appeared in the background a few times but I didn’t really have a character for her other than “Latina Badass a la Vasquez” but now that I’ve written a smidgen of dialog for her, she’s forever cursed with a sweet tooth. That’s not a bad start.

So next page is number 200, which beyond being one of those round numbers that humans feel the need to make a big deal about. That said you don’t want to miss it. :) It’s too bad it’s landing on a Thursday and not everyone has moved their Grrl Power bookmark from the Monday folder to the probably underpopulated Monday Thursday folder yet. I’ll throw out a little advertising with my new banner which I’ve used to update the vote incentive finally if you’re curious.

Update: The ComicMix tourney had moved to round 3! Again as happened last year we’re up against Order of the Stick, a level boss if there ever was one!


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