The site has been a little spotty for the last few days, at least for me. I apologize if it’s sucked for anyone else, but I think I have it sorted out. If nothing else the issues have prompted me to fully update WordPress and all my plugins. I usually fear doing that because if something does screw up, that means I get to spend hours troubleshooting the site instead of drawing.

So, ARCHON security. How does the armory know someone teleported in there? Well the Grrlverse isn’t one of those mature comic universes where the X-men have Shi’ar technology that makes solid holographic danger rooms or Reed Richards has invented Unstable Molecule spandex substitute. It’s almost exactly our own technology. I say almost because magic does exist in this universe and Arc-LIGHT and Arc-DARK have limited access to it. But the armory just uses plain ol’ tech. Sensors monitor air pressure for teleporters (assuming the teleporter isn’t exchanging the exact volume of air when they appear) but there are also motion sensors, pressure plates on the floor, heat and noise sensors, the works basically. Also, crazy as it may sound, there are low tech and very thick windows that can be used to observe everything from the security booth. Granted if someone could teleport into the room silently and phased so they wouldn’t displace any air, and also fly and be thermally transparent… well, there’s only so much you can do to protect your gear. Of course as soon as they teleported out with something, it would leave a vacuum.

And don’t worry, those guns don’t start throwing 6,000 rounds per minute into ammo crates the instant someone forgets the passcode. They’re armed with tazers and knockout gas and probably other non-explodey options before the guns start. Actually live fire is probably a last resort that needs to be authorized by a human from the security booth. After I drew the room I realized I designed the whole armory idiotically. I’d think ideally anything remotely volatile is kept in separate areas with lots of thick layers between them. Again, my geek cred does me a disservice, as everything I know about armories I learned from movies and shows like Chuck. You know, shelves of equipment and a big peg board on the back wall with enough guns on it to give Rambo a 4 hour erection.

Anyone think the QM looks rather a lot like Clint Eastwood? That wasn’t intentional on my part (cough). I toyed with the idea of calling him Gant, after the first character I remember seeing Eastwood play, but decided against it.

Edit: I’ve changed Harem from saying “Yes Sir, sorry Sir!” to “Yes Sergeant! Sorry Sergeant!” if you want to CTRL+F5 the page (possibly CTRL+R depending on your browser.) The point of that exchange was to show that Vauxhall was annoyed at Maxima for running such a loose ship, not to show Harem being flippant. Apparently even saluting a non-com is wrong too, but that would take more work to change. Hollywood has done me wrong. The upside is that I can now predict there may be a funny scene with Sydney being as confused about all this as I was.


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