Unplanned bonus comic! Except not really. This is an old vote incentive I did, and when I swapped it out with a new one, I never posted this anywhere, so I though posting it now right after a Harem heavy page would be good since anytime she shows up there are lots of questions about the particulars of her powers. There will be a regular Thursday page as well.

The other big trick Harem can do involving teleporting has to do with distance. She can always teleport to herself, meaning under the right conditions, her range is effectively unlimited. For example, if one of her is on the West Coast and one of her is on the East Coast, she can travel the distance. It that case she’s kind of not really teleporting, she’s un-teleporting in one location, and re-teleporting that version of her next to herself. Of course she couldn’t teleport back without herself as an anchor, but considering there’s up to 5 of her, she could keep herself in 4 different cities and pop the 5th back and forth between them.

There are still plenty more questions to be answered about Harem so maybe there’s enough material for another Science corner featuring her.