So right away I should apologize as I’m sure many of you reflexively made a face or covered your mouth with your hand when you got to the bottom row of panels. I actually had meant to warn everyone in the comment on the last page that this one shows the worst possible injury. I mean, everyone can see a movie or game where someone gets their skin ripped off by a demon or gets chopped completely in half by a sword and not flinch sympathetically since that sensation is so completely out of our realm of experience, but we’ve all accidentally banged a fork against our tooth or stabbed ourselves in the gums with a dorito.

I had intended this to be another double page, but the previous double page took more work than I had anticipated so I had to break it up. I suppose it’s conceivable I could do two double pages in a week, but if I could manage that consistently I might as well update Monday through Thursday. That’s not likely though since I like each page to be more of a complete thought, and the double pages are really just single pages with bigger panels. This one works okay by itself but it’s low on content compared to most pages. I prefer putting enough on each page that there’s lots to talk about, but this one without the second half is really just continuing to establish that in a fight, the best fighter will probably do alright. It does beg the question that after Math clobbered a big brick (almost literally) why do these guys think they’re going to do much better? Ego certainly has a lot to do with that and why a lot of these guys are attacking the team in the first place, so figure it’s mostly that. Actually ego/pride and alcohol are the primary drivers of poor decision making in my opinion. And jealousy I suppose, but that really just boils back down to ego.

I’ll try streaming again today, mostly inking a page involving shinai girl. I link it here when it gets started and post on twitter and facebook. Update: Stream’s started! Spoilers obviously. Update update: Stream’s over!

A few links for you. My next Gynostar Guest strip should be up today. The current arc starts here.

The Superbitch kickstarter is wrapping up and they’re so close!

Fred Perry is doing another kickstarter to fund a reprinting of the Gold Brick number 2. It’s already funded, but it’s a great price for 450 pages of color comic. Now if only I could draw as fast as Fred, who can apparently pencil, ink and color three pages on a good day.

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