Math should know better. In a tournament you have to work your way up the ladder until you get to the tougher opponents – unless your first seed is against one of the guys that makes it to the quarterfinals. These guys are basically byes for him. Well see how well “Lee Press on Claws” does against him. Also in case it isn’t obvious, Dabbler isn’t used to working with a team yet.

The bad guys are going to learn one way or another that they better start telling Archon their pseudonyms or they’re going to get stuck with the first funny thing Leon thinks of.

My second Gynostar Guest strip is up in case you missed it Thursday. The current arc starts here.

I’m sorry I’ve let the vote incentive languish for so long. The Gynostar guest strips are taking longer than I thought, luckily the next two are basically already done except for some minor edits, so I’ll try and put something more interesting up there soon.

Update: I’m going to try something different with the stream today. For one, I’ll be penciling, and for another I’ll be editing the comic as I do it since I wrote too much to fit on the page. This obviously contains ALL the spoilers for page 216, but I’m going to try and record the stream and post that along with the comic when it goes up so you’ll have a chance to watch it then if you want to avoid the spoilers now. I’ll start at 2:30 PM CST today (May 6) and probably go for about an hour. Here’s the link if you want to hang out and chat until then: Update 2: Stream’s over. I’ll post the video for it when page 216 goes up.

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