The fights are starting to get tough. Math and Jabber are fighting just off camera, and Dabbler it seems got a tough seeds for her first fight. I wish I had drawn that first panel the other way around, even though it’d mean I’d have to cross the word bubble tails, which is generally a big no-no, but that way I could show that the crescent patterns on Dabbler’s arm is draining as she uses up her shield. Why her glamor would include that particular feature I couldn’t guess. It’d be like running around with a hologram over your head showing everyone how much ammo you have left. Glamor or no, her corset must be literally magic cause even with double sided tape she probably would have popped out of it already. It’s weird that women sometimes have to resort to double sided tape to prevent spontaneous indecency with certain outfits. I think a guy’s solution would be to wear a bigger shirt.

“Silver Age Rules” as Sydney defines them is not something that really happened a lot. Sure, villains used to be better about announcing themselves when they showed up back in the day, but I don’t think that usually included a rundown of their powers. I thought I’d have Sydney try it on Heavenly Sword though as a way of introducing her name into the comic without it sounding like slightly awkward dialog. (“Let’s see how you fare against Jabberwokky!” etc.) Announcing yourself in third person really only sounds natural if your name is King Snooty the Seventh, and you also tend to say “we” instead of “I.”

As always I will be at A-kon this year (June 6-8 in Dallas) and as I did last year, I’ll be doing a panel on Friday. Humor-Based Webcomics 1: Humor in Story. Be sure to stop by!

My fourth Gynostar Guest strip is up today. The current arc starts here.

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