I’m starting to interleave the fights a little to give them a bit more weight. Don’t worry we’ll get back to Dabbler and Heavenly on the next page. I just wanted to show Peggy being useful for a bit. She watches for ways she can contribute in a non-lethal way, which is easier than you might think when the right super powers are involved, takes a few shots, then relocates. Harem makes for an excellent spotter for a number of reasons, though I suspect that spotter scope she’s holding is entirely too powerful for the range they’re at. See the strip mall in the background of the first panel? They’re probably on the roof of the next big store down the way, figure only about 100-200 yards if a quick spot check on google maps of a similarly laid out shopping center is to be believed. I’m sure those scopes are adjustable, for what they cost they ought to be useful at a number of ranges, but ~150 yards is not exactly a challenging distance for a professional sniper.

Concretia’s powers raise all sorts of questions. If she formed her latest body out of asphalt, how is it that she has white teeth? How do her clothes transfer from body to body? They seem to be her actual clothes, but when she abandons a body, they become stone then follow her to the new body. I’ll tell you how. Super powers. They’re like magic but without all the gesticulating and pseudo latin intonations.

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