I made Heavenly Sword up on the same panel I first drew her (guilty admission, that happens a lot) but obviously since then I’ve had weeks to think about her powers. She can obviously can create blades of varied shapes along sword like objects, probably including an actual sword, but evidently she can to extend her powers along any linear object like that ribbon whip. It would work with an actual whip, what about a cat of nine tails? What about the landing skip of a helicopter, or a helicopter blade? Assuming she could figure out how to remain in contact with it without loosing her hand, that is. What about an elevator cable? She has a lot of potential with such a seemingly limited power. That’s the fun of limited powers, thinking of cool ways to make use of them. Power stunts. If you enjoy that sort of thing in novel form, I recommend Playing for Keeps, it’s all about using seemingly pathetic powers in creative ways. Sometimes I wish I had given Sydney a much more limited set of powers for that reason but there’s fun to be had both ways.

Someone suggested that Dabbler’s ineffectiveness in this fight has to do with keeping it non-lethal, and that’s absolutely part of it. Dabbler could be the hero in many different genres of video games, be they first person shooters, third person tomb raider type games, isometric dungeon crawlers, or a multi-planet GTA style intergalactic bounty hunter game, and all of those sorts of games have massive body counts. Heavenly would have trouble defending against a fireball, or a rain of arrows, but that doesn’t really excuse Dabbler’s performance thus far. Her ego is definitely a contributing factor, and like she said on the previous page, she really has been enjoying the fight. We’ll see if getting hit with Heavenly’s 6D4 attack helps her focus a little.

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