I realized a problem with this page after I had nearly finished coloring it. It results from me having knowledge the characters don’t. Maxima prefers to keep the combat non-lethal… but if Hex didn’t have that shield, which Max didn’t know about but I did, at a minimum Hex would have suffered burns and possibly some exploded organs. Maybe Max thought Hex would Zig Zag more, which she might well have done if she didn’t have a shield, but even if we say panel two is heavily foreshortened, that Pwee Bomb went off pretty close to her.

patreonlogo <– Check out the Patreon campaign for the comic, where if I get enough support I might decide to check out whether or not the Surface Pro 3 is any good as a mobile art platform. Well, Patreon support plus cashing in all my ad monies so far. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that it has potential, but there are a number of critical patches it needs before it’s viable, like right handed artists like myself can accidentally brush the home button while drawing causing the art program to close. I really don’t see how it’s possible they missed that when testing the device, unless they just never had an artist test it, or they only had one guy in all of Microsoft test it and he was a lefty. There doesn’t seem to be any other devices on the horizon that have any potential as a mobile art tablet. iPads are no good cause they’re not pressure sensitive. Even if you get one of those Wacom styluses that fake pressure sensitivity, the iPad doesn’t run any of the programs I use to make the comic. There are some others that seemed to have potential like the ThinkPad Yoga, but Lenovo makes it so difficult to get straight answers about the optional stylus that I have little confidence they’d even support it post launch with patches, unlike the SP3. The Wacom ones are probably the best from a pure art standpoint but they start at over $2000 which is just gross. If anyone knows of a good mobile art solution, feel free to share it, and I don’t mean a screen you can draw on that you have to attach to a laptop, I mean a self contained tablet with pressure sensitivity that will run Windows 8.1 (or at least Win7) and Manga Studio/Paint Tool SAI.