I was getting sick of drawing that building anyway. Individually Hex’s lasers aren’t all that strong, but the restaurant was pretty much a write off at this point. It just needed that final nudge. I’m not sure what Hex’s deal is with squirrels, maybe she had some past trauma with them. That or I just wanted an excuse to use the word squabies.

#MakeComics: Originally this page ended with Suzie’s line “She’s not wrong.” but my brain didn’t stop there and the waitress had to ask if she could sue the villains. That’s why the last two panels are so small. I had to crop stuff out where I could from the panels above, but they were already drawn, and I didn’t know how much space the word bubbles were going to take up till I got back from vacation as I don’t have Illustrator on my laptop.

After some intensive research (asking on Twitter) to make sure the waitress could really sue the people that cost her a job, (or at least a place to clock in) I decided to not only show the restaurant’s last gasp and the press, Arianna and the other civilians doing their thing, but also show Archon’s extended strategy for dealing with supervillainy, which is to make sure super power criminals not only will get their asses kicked and be incarcerated, but they’ll have their paychecks docked for the rest of their lives, especially if they do something grandiose like fucking up the Golden Gate Bridge or blowing up Mt. Rushmore in an attempt to mine all the ultra quartz from Lincoln’s nose or whatever. Probably not much of a deterrent to most villainous types, but I’d like to see Doctor Doom being forced to pound out licence plates for thirty years. Granted having to pay for damages would happen in civilian court, so it’s not like they could be incarcerated until they paid down their bill like some sort of debters prison, but it’s still a nice thought.

Edit: I changed the hair and shirt color of the guy who got shot in the back in panel 2 since people were confusing him with Math when he was blond. He’s just a scrub.

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