Whoa, Glowbug just took out two Arcs in as many pages. Someone ought to do something about that.

When bad guys go down, it doesn’t really matter where they fall, but when good guys go down, you have to ensure they don’t become hostage bait, especially someone like Heatwave who isn’t armored in any way without her heat corona.

I think characters like Mr. Amorphous get created because in every artists career, usually sort of early on, they get really frustrated with trying to get proportions right, so they make up a character who can stretch or change the size of his body parts independently. Then if they draw their arms too long, they can just say, “Yeah, he’s stretchy, that’s on purpose.” Then you eventually get better at proportions right and that character gets retired. And then you start experimenting with foreshortening and he’s back in the lineup! Ok probably one artist in ten goes down that road but that was my experience.

Superhero novel update, I just finished Please Don’t Tell My Parent’s I’m a Supervillain, which I enjoyed, and now I’m on to a prequel to one of my favorite super novels, Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, appropriately enough titled Origins of a D-List Supervillain. I enjoyed Confessions so much I went straight out and bought another novel by the author, Jim Bernheimer. Yes it’s about 13 year old girls training to become unicorn knights and yes I assume the target audience is 13 year old girls. Actually I think I bought my kindle so I could read it without anyone seeing me reading a novel with a unicorn on the cover but it was really good. Good world building, good character arcs, so even though it’s not a superhero novel I recommend it as well. There’s two in the series now, Rider: Spirals of Destiny: Book 1 and Sorceress- Spirals of Destiny Book 2.

I’ve had to upgrade my hosting plan; a combination of the comic’s traffic and a (probably intentionally) overbooked server prompted the move, only I haven’t made the move yet. At some point this week I’ll need to switch the grrlpowercomic.com domain from the old hosting to the new. I’ll try to minimize the pain, but expect part of an evening this week (probably Wednesday or over the weekend if I can swing it) where the page will be hard to get to just depending on where you live and how quickly the DNS servers update. It’s sort of a good news bad news thing. Sure the new hosting costs more, but once it’s switched over the site should be (had better be) hella fast.

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