Yes Jiggawatt suddenly has gold hair to match her lipstick since a lot of people thought she looked too much like Storm, which is probably fair. I had planned on fixing all her previous appearances before putting this page up, but migrating the page to the new host took several hours out of several days this week so I’m a tiny bit behind. Like Maxima’s sudden and unexplained demotion, it will probably have to wait till I’m getting ready to do all the fixes at once for the book. Though I suppose I could just change Jiggawatts hair back to the beginning of the fight. I mean, she could have gotten her hair done before her family thing tonight.

I may need to revisit Jiggawatt’s 6 rank on the cast page. She’s turning out to be pretty powerful. I think I put her at 6 largely because she’s a one trick pony. She’d have a bad time against someone heavily resistant to lightning… but, with the “darkning” that really opens up her options. I actually asked about this on a Reddit science thread, and the consensus was that positrons would behave exactly like electrons. You could arc them, store or generate them in chemical batteries, transmit them down wires etc… assuming of course that the chemical batteries and wires were comprised of antimatter. It does make me wonder what would happen if matter was struck with positron lightning. The electrons in the matter would be annihilated, leaving behind a pile of highly charged and unstable gamma irradiated protons and neutrons (I’m guessing.) I’ll have to think about what impact that will have on the comic. I suspect my solution will either be “Holy shit Jiggawatt that’s dangerous! Never use that again!” or “Something about living matter destabilizes the positrons, limiting their effectiveness” which I don’t want to do because it’s such a trite comic booky excuse, but otherwise… jeeze, Jiggawatt may well be one of the most dangerous members of the team. Of course the hugely limiting factor here is the gamma radiation thing. Hulk jokes aside, gamma radiation is super bad m’kay? She wouldn’t realistically be able to use it often without significant risks to her own health. Dabbler’s going to have to have a talk with her.

On the other hand – half the stuff superheroes do should involve radioactive fallout, so I’m not sure why I’m picking on Jiggawatt. I mean… what the hell did Max shoot at that tank earlier? It wasn’t a shitload of C-4. And it wasn’t a thing that opened up a microsecond micro portal to the sun – that would be radioactive as balls. It’s that suspiciously clean energy that all superheroes use, from Cyclops and Havok to Starfire and anyone that shoots “energy.” Not lightning or fire or something identifiable. Just “energy.” Really Cyclops? You shoot kinetic blasts? What is it, red telekinesis? No, it’s “energy.”

So the site has been migrated to the new server. Hopefully it will be zippity doo da fast around here from now on. If you see anything weird (on the page, not in general) try dumping your cache (CTRL+F5) and see if that fixes it, if not, send me a screenshot and your browser version to grrlpowercomic-at-gmail. Oh and I had my guru flip a switch so now the reply field appears right under the comment you’re replying to which is rad.

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