Hopefully no one is disappointed this fight was resolved of screen. Basically the team dogpiled him with every different sort of attack at once and overwhelmed him. Obviously, Goose’s knife got Death Toll in the butt artery, which is a thing. (Don’t look it up.)

There’s a lot going on in this page but as usual I wanted to include more, like between panel 1 and 2, Sydney saying “Actually I guess a pair of handcuffs would have worked too.” Maybe it would have and maybe it wouldn’t have. Anvil’s choke hold didn’t work, but she was also trying to cut off his air supply, which is more attacky than just restraining him.

The other thing is a reversal of a decision I had made earlier, which is that Sydney’s shield actually is airtight. Originally I had planned on making it so it filters out bad stuff like viruses or sleeping gas the same way it filters out too much light from a laser or too much sound from a flashbang. This way, her incredibly powerful shield has one major weakness, which is she can’t keep it up indefinitely, so if she’s flying so fast she has to put her shield up, she’ll have to stop or at least slow down and refresh her air supply every so often, and it limits her ability to go into space or underwater without additional equipment.

max_explosion Is it just me, or does Maxima in the first panel remind anyone else of Nathan Explosion? It’s that one stand of hair going down the front of her face, plus I drew her face slightly taller than usual. Consistency is one of the more challenging things about any comic, whether the art is simple or complex.


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