Maxima has some nerd cred as you know, but Inverse Ninja is a little too deep down the well for her, hence the explanation.

With the fight running longer than I had intended, I almost cut this whole page. Arguably little happens on it except for a little insight into Vehemence’s character, and the lightsaber joke which I can’t believe never occurred to me until I started drawing the second panel, but which I’m now rather enamored with, so in it goes. :)

Here’s something very cool for regular commenters: Reader Kane York (Riking in the comments) has created a chrome plugin that tracks and highlights new comments. It does require you to click a “mark comments read” before you refresh the page each time, but it also has an opt in mode that will refresh the comments when you move between pages of comments and automatically mark the previous page read. I’ve been using it over the weekend and it’s pretty slick. Here’s the chrome link.

If you like you can inspect the raw code here on GitHub, which is nice if you’re a relatively suspicious person like myself when it comes to links handed out on the internet. If you’re using FireFox and have Greasemonkey installed, you can go to the GitHub link, hit the RAW button at the top of the script and FF will give you the option to install it. There’s no IE solution yet, and there may not be, because, you know, it’s IE. Obviously if that changes I’ll post it here.

I’m sure Kane will be reading the comments, but if you see any bugs with the plugin, probably the best place to notate them is over at the GitHub link. (I think you do that by clicking the little exclamation mark in the circle over on the right side at the top of the code window.)

With the intent of being transparent about such things, I’ve added one more ad banner to the page. Usually someone with a Patreon campaign has milestones that involve removing ads, and eventually that will probably happen, but at the moment the summer heat in Texas is killing our electric bill, especially with me home all day with the A/C and a computer with at least two monitors on. Also it’s nice to be able to test out several ad companies and see how they perform. The new one has one of those Ad Choice things up in the top right corner, so if there are ads you don’t care for on it, I think you can customize what it displays or at least veto obnoxious stuff.

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