I know Vehemence said he hopes Sydney survives the night, but that doesn’t mean he won’t flick her in the temple if he manages to get through her shield. She did kind of make him look foolish just now. I guess she forgot Maxima’s “don’t totally piss of the supervillain” advice from a few pages ago, but hey I guess she figured with her shield, why not tank the guy for a while?

It’s difficult for people to see you as a threatening arch-villain if you face plant in the first 2 seconds of the fight.  I don’t know why that doesn’t happen to more villains. I mean, sure, Doctor Doom probably has gyro stabilizers in his armor, and Thanos can… well, control time – so he can just pop back to before it happened I guess, but the Flash could trip everyone, or take off their dirty sock and stuff it in their mouth mid-monologue. If I wrote the Flash comic, it would be a very different book.

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