Don’t worry, Anvil’s hair (and scalp) is strong enough so this doesn’t hurt her, but it is, let’s say, tactically non-optimal. Anvil has the longest hair on the team, it has a fair bit to do with her insecurity in her femininity due to her height (she taller than Stalwart, who is the tallest guy on the team) and musculature. If she knows she’s about to tussle, she’ll tie her hair up with securely, but obviously having nearly waist length hair is a liability.

I haven’t quite figured out what happens with Vehemence’s markings below the belt. I think it’s like a weird tramp stamp that splits and goes down the side of his legs, but I guess I’ll find out if I ever get a chance to draw it.

#makecomics: I feel sort of like I’m short changing you guys by putting up a page with only 5 panels, which is dumb cause that’s closer to what comics usually have, but since normally I have either like 9 panels or it’s a big double tall action page. Here’s what happened with this one. It was originally a double, but so was the one after it, and I’m just not fast enough to do two doubles in a row yet, so I wound up having to cut this page in to two separate pages. No big deal, that’s happened before, but then when I was working on the second half of this page, I thought of much better way to end it… which involved making it a double, meaning I had to scramble to get these done on time, but I think it’ll be worth it (not to oversell it or anything.)

Not comic related, but is anyone excited for Shadow of Mordor? It comes out on PC tomorrow. I don’t know when the console release is/was. I saw an E3 trailer or something a long time ago and was only mildly interested, but I watched this preview (which is an hour long BTW) and I thought it looked pretty hot, like one of the Batman: Arkhams meets, I dunno, Dishonored wrapped in a fantasy skin. Plus, anything with a skill tree  and runes and crap you can upgrade your gear with pushes a few of my buttons. The fact that the warlords remember you (previousEncounter=1) and talk trash when you come at them again is cool and unfortunately rather novel. Personally I think more games should have cut scenes where the bad guys acknowledge that I, the protagonist, have in fact killed 800 henchmen at this point in the game, making me one of the most successful spree killers in history. I honestly don’t know when I’ll have time to play it, hopefully it lends itself to 30-60 minute play sessions, since I can’t devote a whole evening to games anymore.

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