The sound effect “BootToTheHead” is a nonomatopoeia. It’s a sound effect that doesn’t sound like the sound it’s supposed to sound like, and they amuse me. I thought of the word nonomatopoeia as I was writing this, and I was duly pleased with myself, but a quick google reveals that it’s already a word. Damn you millions of people who lived before me! (shakes fist)

Vehemence really needs to turn this fight (beating) around or throw in the towel, although it may be telling that he considers a .50 caliber round to the eye “poking.”

That last panel could really use more shrapnel from the shattered slab of parking lot now that I look at it fresh a week after drawing it, but man, I’ve been pulling a lot of late nights with all the double pages of late, so do me a favor and imagine it with chunks of asphalt spraying out and the whole thing looking about 20% cooler. :)

Here’s something you guys will hopefully enjoy (and hopefully not abuse). Fred Perry, who does Gold Digger, both of which I’ve mentioned several times before as Gold Digger is my all time favorite comic, has put the first 199 issues of the comic online for free. I believe the thinking behind this is it’s difficult to see issue 225 of something on the shelf in the comic store and think you’ll jump right in. Obviously there’s a lot of history there, and unlike a comic from Marvel or DC that reboots every 12 months, Gold Digger is one contiguous story. By offering 20 years of backstory for free, I think Fred is hoping to pick up some new readers to the current storylines.

I’ve been vacillating as to whether or not I should link this archive from the comic, my concern is that a sudden influx of traffic and the subsequent downloading of 199 PDFs times 10,000 will cause Fred either some bandwidth or expense issues with his server. So I’m putting the link up with the hopes that you guys won’t go in there and just leech the whole library all at once. I’d suggest reading the first few issues, see if you like it, and if you do, have at it, just remember this is the last 20 years of Fred’s professional life on offer for free, so please make use of the donate link, (edit: to be clear, the donate link on the Gold Digger page, not my donate link) if for no other reason than to cover any surprise bandwidth costs. Also there are links to subscribe to the latest issues there on the side if it turns out you do like it. I think if you enjoy Grrl Power there’s a fair chance you will.

Here’s the link, please enjoy Fred’s quality responsibly. :)

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome which I can’t live without anymore, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.