Things continuing to go badly for Vehemence. We get to see Maxima really max out an attribute here, making her temporarily stronger than V even with all his built up power. It’s a testament to how tough he is that his head didn’t just pop right off. This is really quite risky to do in proximity to him, since it leaves her… probably still tougher than a human, but downright mushy relative to his strength. Still she’s got that ‘super strength toughness’ at the moment like you see in comics, where she’s not particularly bulletproof, but still somehow doesn’t rip all the skin off her hand when punching him hard enough to cause a localized tectonic upheaval.

I would have liked to have made this page a double, but the way things laid out, the next page worked better as a double. We’re so close to the end of the fight. I just put the finishing touches on the final page of it last night. Hope I remember how to do the slice of life stuff again. :)

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