That guy is a tool but I kind of like him. He’s a guy who’s supremely confident in himself for no good reason. He’d probably either really get along with or mutually annoy Achilles.

I changed Maxima’s line in the flashback panel, originally she said “sewer line” but I didn’t want people to think Sydney’s plan was to drown Vehemence in sewage, so I’ll go back and change Maxima’s original line. Speaking of Sydney’s plan, her idea for Anvil’s contribution was mostly to create a crater for the water to flow into, and to hit close enough to him to loosen his grip on the ground. She didn’t know how his anchor worked, but she guessed it had to have something to hold onto as opposed to being a gravity thing or “unflight” or whatever. She thought creating the crater might snap a water line, what she didn’t count on was Maxima’s punch fucking up the whole parking lot. In this case it worked better because the area damaged increased the chance that something important broke under the ground. Originally I was going to put a fire hydrant over on the curb in the panels where we see the water leaking out, and Sydney guessed there was a line running between it and the restaurant. But that curb has been in a lot of panels and I’d have to add it to a ton of pages. Also a quick visit to google street view shows that fire hydrants aren’t usually located quite that close to parking spots, at least in the layout I based the steakhouse in the comic on, it would be on the far side of the hedges, so I don’t know how important it is to include that.

It looks like it’s just about over for Vehemence. We’ll see if he has any tricks left.

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