So yeah, Sydney’s plan ultimately boils down to “choke him out” which isn’t tremendously imaginative, but she did have to jump through quite a few hoops to get there first.

The fight does at long last finally end on the next page. Normally that would be a spoiler, but it’s been a long time coming and a lot of people have been ready for it for a while. I would include myself among them, but I say that while wryly looking at how much stuff I cut from the fight. Some of it is dialog that I’ll probably edit and save for later, some of it’s stuff I can use in other fights, but honestly it may be a while before there’s another big action sequence.

In case it’s at all confusing, panel 4 is supposed to be Sydney checking the time while water splashes off her shield, but looking at the page fresh just before I post it, I could see someone thinking her wrist thing is bursting or she’s blocking a splash with it? Maybe I’ll move the splash lower when I go back through and start doing edits for the book.

(Sorry for the delay in posting. I moronically scheduled the post for “the next day” forgetting that I was starting to write the post after midnight, so it was already the 19th.)

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