Maxima’s statement about how everyone will be processed comes with a huge asterisk, primarily if anyone has any warrants out, they’ll be in trouble even if they had no part in planning the attack. I’d say warrants out for super powered crimes, but that wasn’t officially a thing up until today. “Boilerplate’s” tale of how he got recruited hints at the info they’ll collect during the debriefings, which I probably won’t actually show in the comic, but the team may get debriefed later with a short expositional summary.

Maxima arguably need some work on her diplomacy skills, something people involved with Arc-SWAT in early days were concerned with, and is one of the reasons the team has a permanent PR staff built in. Not just because of Maxima, this would be a hard sell no matter who was leading the team. At least Maxima knew not to bring up Harem’s point, even if she was thinking it. At least not yet.

Maxima also went right to the worst assumption about Hiro’s pantomime, largely because despite her general intimidatiness, she’s been hit on in far less subtle ways in the past. It’d be interesting to see who immediately got what Hiro was going for and if anyone thought what Maxima did, however fleetingly it occurred to them, and if that might be influenced by getting hit on in gross ways or at inappropriate times. (Something I’m sure is about 100 times more likely if you’re a gal. Not that guys won’t ever be in a situation like this, but let’s be real.) Max’s expression the third panel was supposed to be a mix of confused and mad, eyebrows pinched together but still angry eyes. I couldn’t quite get it right so I went with mad and surprised instead. In the final panel it’s a mix of contrition and “That was still entirely your fault.”

I think my favorite thing about this page is that Maxima is using a piece of rebar for a hair tie. (She did on the previous page but it was really small.)

I’ve finally updated the vote incentive with a probably not canon piece. I have it further along than the pencils but I spent a chunk of my afternoon watching coloring videos on youtube to see if I could up my game a little. We’ll see how that turns out.

I’ve also finally finished the book I was reading, “The Dark Lord’s Handbook” I had assumed I’d jump right to one of several superhero novels I have simmering in my kindle right after finishing it, but Handbook got rather good right toward the end and so I went and immediately got the next one. I’m eager to get through it though because I have Secrets of a D-List SupervillainPlease Don’t Tell My Parents I Blew Up the Moon, (a sequel to Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain) and Small Town Heroes (Wearing the Cape Book 4) waiting for me when I finish. Someone please make the day 8 hours longer. :/

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