This page should help wrap up some unanswered (and possibly unasked) questions. Harem’s the obvious choice for this since she can interview 5 people at once. Well, 4 at the moment. “Vanilla” Harem got her wrist broken and is currently un-teleported.

After I drew the panel of Sydney smacking that fire guy into the ground, I thought it was a bit much, I mean people can break bones just from tripping. Even if I’m conservative and say what Sydney did to him was the equivalent of a 1 story fall, he’d still be really hurt.

Seneca’s never been formally introduced in the comic, but she’s shown up a few times, most notably demonstrating her sweet tooth. A page I was going to include involved her walking up to the defeated Vehemence, asking Dabbler if he absorbed violence when he was unconscious. Dabbler responds “Eh, like 10%” so Seneca kicks him and yells “That was attacking before dessert was served!” Sydney immediately admonishes her and tells her not to assault unconscious perps, and gives a thumbs up to Anvil, calling back to this page.  Obviously I wound up cutting that stuff, but pretend it happened anyway.

While looking up Q words to finish out the Arc-SPARQ acronym, I came across “quaff” I always thought it meant to drink a quarter of something. I recall reading it a lot in fantasy novels. People quaff potions all the time in them, but nope! It means to slam back your drink. It’s weird when you learn a word that you thought you knew your whole life means basically the opposite of what you thought it meant. :/ Of course after trying to do actual work, I wound up just going for a funny word instead of trying to come up with a serious acronym.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.