I don’t envy women for having to wear bras (also known as boob jail), or buy them certainly, they can get quite pricey, but getting to take them off at the end of the day, that’s got to be a good feeling. Nearly on par with taking your socks off and slipping them around under the sheets right when you go to bed.

This is actually the last page of book 1. It’s kind of a weird tone with the succubus recharging bit, but really the point of the page was trying to tie back into the flash forward from the first few pages. I will level with you guys, when I started doing the comic five years ago, I really hadn’t thought all the way through to the end of the book. I thought the only good way to do it was to at least partially address the point of contention from the role playing game, namely lasers vs. transparent things. Obviously if Sydney was trying to claim that lasers should go through transparent shields and everyone at the game knew Sydney was a superhero with a shield that blocked lasers (which they did) someone would have pointed that out to her. I maaaaay go back and edit a line in those first few pages to read something like “I didn’t buy that advantage for OmniGal, so KopyKraut* can’t have it either.” so it all ties in better. I don’t think that would change the feel of those early pages.

As far as sticking a succubus sex joke in (really it’s a Sydney gets embarrassed joke) it does bother me a little when people include succubi in stories that never really act a lot like succubi. It’s like writing a story about Vampires that never drink blood. Besides I like the “I’m in the middle of something/something’s in the middle of me” flip, and you guys can have fun speculating on who it is that will be sleeping it off tomorrow cause all his, uh, electrolytes have been drained. Yeah… electrolytes.

In case I don’t say it enough, I really appreciate the support you guys have given me-slash-the comic over the years, and not just financially… though without the success of the Patreon campaign, I’d still be working an 8-5 job and we’d only be halfway though fight right now. Granted I might have edited it down a bit harder but still it’s a depressing thought. I never take it for granted, every day I don’t have to waste an hour and a half being completely unproductive while commuting, or just straight up working at a job that I only care about because it pays the bills I want to jump around and be all “Yeah, take that “the man!”” It’s been quite a journey from thinking “I should make a webcomic” to now, and I’m eager to get to book 2, starting Monday!

*Yay for intercaps!

Sydney does talk like Zim on occasion.

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