I’m sure no woman has ever done this. I’m also fairly certain most women have wanted to. Yes that’s right, Book 2 opens with our heroine punching herself in the ovaries. That should set the tone nicely. Eventually I will go back in and draw a splash page to insert before this one indicating the new chapter.

I thought a lot about whether book 2 would just start with the next day or jump ahead a few months, maybe to catch us up with the flash forward at the beginning of the comic, but I knew if I did that, then half the comic would wind up being flashbacks to Sydney going through basic training because there’s a whole lot of humor to mine there. Plus my favorite part of most superhero stories is the origin tale slash discovery phase where they’re learning about their powers and limitations. (Except when a movie studio is rebooting a franchise for the third time and for some reason feel the need to retread the origin story. It’s like sitting through a long joke that you already know the punchline to. Everybody knows Superman is from Krypton and Spider-Man got bitten by a spider!) But don’t worry, day two will not take another 300 pages to get through, in fact I think book two should cover several weeks of time.

Also, evidently Sydney’s version of quarters is played with 20-siders – although the 20-sider in panel 5 seems to be sitting outside of her bowel, which is… concerning, now that I think about it. In any case I may have taken some liberties with the background of that panel. Sydney does not, for example, have a broken Guyver unit where one of her kidneys should be. The dragon thing is probably true though.

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