It’s weird seeing Sydney in a different colored shirt, but this ain’t no Hanna Barbara cartoon. If you’re wondering where the orbs are in the first few panels, she stuffed them back in the tube.

I’d like to draw Sydney with different hairstyles every now and then, but braids are much more time consuming to draw and color than ponytails, and French Braids are a straight up pain in the ass. I got distracted with the braid step by step (there’s even an additional panel of that sequence I penciled but cut before I started inking) and meant to show Sydney covering up her bruise with cosplay supplies. Obviously her makeup box would be inadequate for the task. The only things in it are chapstick, which Sydney considers to be makeup, probably a light shade of lipstick, and only because it has sunblock built in, an eyeliner pencil that she used once but stabbed herself in the eye, and a bunch of different colored hair ties.

The disadvantage of working at 600 dpi is it’s sometimes hard to gauge how legible little details will be at web size, so here’s a closeup of the package on the counter.


If I was a girl and had a choice of birth control, I would definitely go with the one with the funny name. BTW this doesn’t imply Sydney has a boyfriend at the moment, a lot of women use the pill to moderate their symptoms and even control when they get their period to some degree.

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