Yet another page where someone is weirdly cool discovering they know a person with super powers. For some reason my instinct was to move the dialog forward and not spend any time on the “OMG” factor, which is often the funnest part of a lot of superhero stories. I may revise an upcoming page to make Olivia a little more excited about it, though I’m fairly confident she’ll be the last person Sydney meets today who doesn’t already know about her powers and the events from the prior day.

I think I’ve decided that women just don’t carry purses in this universe. I forgot to give Olivia one on this page, after remembering several times during the drawing process that I should give her one, but the forgetting won out over the remembering. Honestly though I’d probably forget it on every subsequent panel anyway. It does make me wonder where Olivia keeps anything though, as she’s wearing yoga pants and a fairly tight… shoulder hole thumb hole shirt. I’m sure there’s an actual name for that. The lexicon of women’s fashion is enormous. Let’s call it a long sleeve tank top? With thumbholes? She might have her phone strapped to her arm under the sleeve like a jogger, and maybe a credit card and driver’s license jammed in under that, or she could be one of those women that carries stuff in her bra. A credit card or a few folded bills I get, but when I see a woman stick her phone down the front of her shirt I start thinking about greasy, sweaty phone screens and want to attack her with Windex. None of this helps us figure out where Olivia is keeping her keys. Certainly not down her bra. Anyone who does that isn’t allowed to complain about an underwire poking them. You might as well stick “that darn pointy sea urchin” or “a handful of razor sharp peanut brittle” down there.

Wasn’t quite sure how to end this page. The point of it was simply to reintroduce Olivia, other than that I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. Originally the page ended with Olivia realizing she just said she gets all her news from the Daily Show in front of a gaggle (herd? school? murder?) of “real” reporters, then she turns and says “Sorry but…” and did some mini rant about how 24 hour news networks suck, which I personally think they do, but that may be because I watch the Daily Show and they spend a fair amount of time skewering them. Well, I watch it on and off. Depressing news is still depressing even if you’re making fun of it. I had to stop watching John Oliver’s show for the same reason. All I can think after watching Oliver do 15 minutes on (insert organization here) is how scummy and crappy and greedy and selfish and short sighted people are – So instead I ended the page on a ratings gag! Ha cha cha! I’m sure there are plenty of twenty somethings that watch the news, but I imagine it’s their weakest demographic. I’m not much of a newshound myself, but I usually have a tab open to tweetdeck, and if something important enough happens it’ll show up there faster than the shockwaves of an earthquake.

I’ll try and be around and catch comments today (Monday) but I’m having my whole house recarpeted so I may be a little distracted. I’m not looking forward to disassembling my office. It should be nice though, the stuff we’re putting in is so plush compared to the old carpet that I may have to plane the bottom of my doors so they fit.

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