Sydney seems to have escaped relatively unscathed… for now.

I may need to futz with the dialog on the page a little. For instance I’m not sure if “the thanks of the office of the president” is too much, like if that carries some sort of official recognition or if that’s just how you talk when you’re president. Also I’m not sure how the prez would actually address her. “Miss Scoville” seems ok, but then he’s the Commander in Chief and she’s in the military now, so it seems like he should call her either “Recruit Scoville” or “Private Scoville” only, I’m not sure at what point she would actually become a private. Is it the first day of boot camp, or the last? She’s been rolled out in the PR event, but she hasn’t been issued her gear yet or even taught how to salute. She’s basically just stepped off the bus. I probably should have asked on Twitter before this page went up but I assumed I’d have to tweak it a little in any case.

Things I learned while drawing this page: when women put their hair in a bun (or anyone with long hair I guess) there’s this spongy donut thing or a rolled up sock with a hole in the toe inside the bun to give it shape. I just assumed it was all hair. It’s possible to do it with all hair, but then the bun is usually hollow and keeps its shape largely due to hairspray. I was looking up acceptable military hairstyles for women to make sure I was getting Max’s hair right. I think her bun might be a little low but lets ignore that for now. If I was a gal in the military I’d just go all G.I. Jane for the duration instead of having to walk around with 27 bobby pins in my hair all the time. On the one hand you’d have an ample supply of lockpicks if you need them, on the other hand you’d be screwed if Magneto attacked.

This must have been pre-ARCHON.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.