I guess Maxima made her save, which means she’s only 50% affected. It was the double whammy of the puppy dog eyes combined with Sydney asking if she got Max in trouble instead of being defensive or even contrite. Sydney will eventually bring the comic book day issue up again, but right now she’s got that feeling like just scrambled on to the boat after a shark she didn’t know was there brushed against her leg.

The answer to the question I posed under the previous page as to whether you’re a private on the first day of boot camp or the last was a resounding “it depends on what branch you’re in” So I think for Archon, Sydney will remain a recruit until she’s finished basic. Seeing characters advance is always fun.

If you missed it, Maxima makes a cameo in Superbitch. I guess in case the whole Archon thing doesn’t work out.

I am working on a new vote incentive, I know the current one is a bit stale.

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