This page is admittedly a bit goofier than Grrl Power tends to get, the fashion ninjas are definitely a bit Gold Digger-y, but I’m ok with that. Besides, having actual ninjas hanging around Archon HQ is probably pretty good for security, even if they’re more concerned with your hemline than poisoning people from the rafters.

So, the fabrikinetic tailor here is the first Patreon funded cameo in a while, via Adam Glocker. (Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate the support?) I really should have worked his name on to the page so he’d be on the Who’s Who. (The tailor’s, not Adam’s.) The ninjas too. Bleh. Anyway, for easy reference his name is Ashley and his handle is Iron Cloth. This cameo is a bit weird because I had considered a fabrikinetic for the comic already as an antagonist. I had stuck him firmly in the maybe column because lets be real, someone who can control clothing vs a team of largely female super heroes? I wasn’t sure how that would end without a furiously nude Maxima removing his spine and putting it back in upside down. When Adam’s cameo character had the same power as my maybe guy, I figured I’d un-maybe him and let Adam’s character’s details flesh out a lot of details I hadn’t considered. Most of which don’t make it on to this page but will eventually be revealed.

Think of him as a fabric controlling version of “The Paper” from Read or Die, (if you haven’t seen it, don’t spoil anything by clicking on the link. Just track down the three episode OVA and watch it) which in a weird way makes him one of the more powerful members of the team.  He’s not a proper member of Arc-SWAT though, he’s actually in Arc-SPARQ, which is ARCHON’s collection of engineers, tinkerers and inventors. He’s more interested in plying his power and craft for the benefit of the team as a whole, as well as making a healthy living in the private sector.

The Theiss room mentioned on the last page, as many of you immediately figured out, is a reference to William Ware Theiss, the venerated costume designer for the original Star Trek series. He is known for his Theiss Titillation Theory which basically says that the sexiness of an outfit is directly proportional to the possibility that a vital piece of it might fall off. This isn’t to say everyone who goes into the room comes out with a side-boob revealing costume held together with the glue they use on sticky notes, just that they had to name the room something, and the people who did had a bit of a sense of humor.

Flaky Pastry is one of my favorite webcomics and is also 10! Check them out if you haven’t. It’s not about pastries.

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