Sydney’s next assignment is apparently having the PR lady review all the news that’s been published about her since she got up a few hours ago. Obviously Sydney had a lot more to say to the press than we saw in the few pages we got of her at the comic shop. Arianna can’t get too mad at her – if they wanted to keep her away from the press entirely they should have sequestered her in the base overnight. There were so many other things going on after the fight last night that that detail slipped through the cracks. Yeah, I just used a sentence with “that that” in it.

Sydney is awfully fidgety on this page. She keeps changing position in her chair. Maybe she has to pee.

Mentioning my Patreon in the comment here for the first time in a while brought in a few more pledges, so thanks to everyone who’s jumped on board. (And of course thanks to everyone who’s been on board).  I try not to be obnoxious about self promotion and hat-in-handing cause I know people are here to just read a comic and not be harassed like I’m some obnoxious street vendor. “Superheroes, get your superheroes right here. Naw, we ain’t gots no Superman or Spidermens, we got those, whatcha call it, lady superheroes. No sharp edges like the Bat Guy. Much easier on the eyes. Hey don’t walk away, at least take a flyer!” On the other hand, I’m pretty bad at self promotion so there’s probably balance somewhere in between. Speaking of self promotion, check out the vote incentive if you haven’t. Or even if you have. You can comment on it here.

As many words as there are in English, if you write enough you keep coming across situations where you find there isn’t a word that means what you need it to mean. That or you just don’t know it, which is usually the case for me. This time I was looking for a word that means “the thing that makes you mad” I wound up using the word “trigger” as in “people’s pet trigger.” The problem is trigger has its own meaning and while it works here, it skews Sydney’s meaning a bit. It obviously a little subjective, but it would be ideal if there was a word that meant exactly “the thing that makes you mad” and had no association with any kind of past trauma. I googled a bunch of stuff, hit the online thesaurus and asked on twitter, but trigger was the closest thing to what I was thinking of. Hot button issue, hulk out topic (different from Hot Topic), I just wanted a single word that meant the thing I wanted it to. I’d make up my own word and try to slip it in to general usage via social media (which wouldn’t help me with this page) but for some reason I am enormously bad at making up words. The stuff I come up with sounds like Melmacian Holidays. Sclab-flurmin… gorf. I’m also enormously bad at any kind of letter jumble game like the one on Countdown. I’m assuming those things are related. Anyway, after this big honking paragraph on the subject, I expect someone will immediately post “the word you’re looking for is ______ you big dummy.”

Non Seguitur*: This is a pretty cool looking tool. A virtual tabletop space with video chat, multi layered maps, music, the works. I just found it so it might be janky but I thought I’d share. Too bad I don’t have time for tabletop RPGs these days.

* A portmantau of “segue” and “non sequitur”

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.