From what I understand about basic, you spend a fair amount of time learning about guns before you get to use them. Seems sensible enough. Sydney is joining mid stream here, so it’s a fair bet no one will hand her a loaded gun today.

Part of me didn’t want to roll out a bunch of new characters at this point if for no other reason that the more characters in the bank, the less screen time each one gets. This is obviously where Sydney would meet the other recruits though, so we’ll need to do introductions. Also I think they’re all generally entertaining. I’m just saying there were only so many Barkley episodes because the officers generally got the bulk of the dialog.  There are actually only two of them that haven’t appeared in the comic to date though. Ren and the gal with the side cut. Blondie appeared way back when Harem yoinked all the boys’ shirts. Jiggawatt is the only one who got to show off at the press conference because her powers make for such a good show.

That’s Shawn the ex-Seal in the firing range, I realize he’s probably hard to recognize without his hat and seal shirt.

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