Surely not the typical method for arming soldiers, but there was a lot of concern about arming Sydney in the first place. Never mind the fact she’s already armed with weapons far more dangerous than a pistol, but this method of making her work for her sidearm was agreed on to see if she had the discipline to put the thing together, and in the meantime drill into her all the training they can.

I’m almost reticent to mention it because there are about as many opinions about guns are there are people, but I finally decided on a FN Five seveN for her for a few reasons. It’s a relatively light pistol with relatively (it’s all relative, everything is) low kick and 20 rounds in the magazine. Also they’re hoping she’ll rarely ever touch the thing outside of training and certifying with it, so a light pistol makes sense for her. People had suggested basically everything else, glocks, M1911’s, HK45’s, M9’s, basically anything used by the military, and I’m sure they’re all perfectly acceptable weapons, but for some reason I fixated on the Five seveN sort of early on. It’s possible I’ll only even draw it outside of her holster a few times, but if I do then that’s the gun I’m planning on drawing.

Also I’ve fixed Peggy’s chevrons, she’s a Lieutenant, not a Captain. I’ll correct the previous pages when I get a chance.

Now for some pimpage:

Superbitch is one of my favorite webcomics, and now she’s got her own Patreon. I’d joke about people diverting funds away from my own Patreon to hers, but honestly I think it’s more of a rising tide situation.

Another project that could use some eyeballs is Stjepan Sejic’s Death Vigil. Apparently it’s struggling along which seems super weird to me since it’s Stjepan’s awesome art in it, and it has a mix of action, humor (mostly bad puns) and sweet looking Cthulhu-esque monsters in it. Anyway he’s posted everything so far for free on his DA page, which I’m linking here, but I’ll also link the Comixology page so you can buy DRM free PDF or CBR versions as well. They’re $2 each except for the current issue, that’s cheaper than most comics these days. (You can also get them on Amazon if physical comics are more to your tune, plus the Amazon link gets me a few cents on the dollar as well.) Anyway I read through them and enjoyed them (then bought them) so I thought I’d re-pimp him here.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.