Lots to talk about on this page. I’ll start off by pointing out that I did not forget Sydney’s glasses, she took them off to run.

It’s fair to say Amorphous and Achilles were given more laps to run than Sydney. I’m not sure how many were assigned, but do I remember before I started getting into shape, running even halfway around one of those tracks (which are 400m or just under 1/4 mile) without stopping to catch my breath would be pretty much impossible. Also I’d get shin splints and cramps in my side. (I was very out of shape) Nowadays I could probably do 2, maybe 3 laps even though I don’t do a lot of aerobic exercise in the gym. Sydney’s only slightly better off that I was given her hyperactivity and the fact that she probably weighs half what I did, but in any case, Peggy’s not trying to kill her, just exhaust some sense into her.

When I originally envisioned Grrl Power, the plan was to have a lot of scenes in the showers because I thought that would be fun to draw. Just like the lounge area with the red couch is a recurring set, I’d have all sorts of conversations that don’t necessarily have anything to do with showering take place in the showers. I also planned putting in a lot more dirty humor in general. What I didn’t plan on was since Sydney is the main character, the tone of the comic was largely set by her early on, and while she’s not a prude, she is body conscious (at least around a bunch of superheroines) and easily flustered when people she perceives as being adults or generally more with it than her start being raunchy, especially if it’s even remotely directed at her.

Anyway, I finally get to draw a shower scene and who knows how often it’ll happen in the future, but the next few pages will be mildly NSFW. Nothing more than what’s been in the comic so far, a little cleavage, sideboob etc. It will just be more glisteny than usual.

Oh and that last panel? The background took so long to draw – I know it looks simple, but laying in all that tile in perspective was a huge pain in the ass – anyway it took so long I went and got a subscription at cgcookie.com and I’m now trying to learn Blender cause dayum, if I could build some sets in 3D (and render them so they don’t look like cheap 3D hopefully) it would save me a ton of time in the long run.

Since a few people are asking, here is a better look at Peggy’s tattoos. SFW and NSFW (obviously you get a better look at her tats on the NSFW version, but you know, nipples.

I found a fun webcomic for you guys. I actually made the time to read through the whole things, so take that as my recommendation. My only complaint as is with all things I like is that there isn’t enough of it. It’s semi-auto bio, maybe more of an “inspired by real life events” affair. Anyway the site is Jennifer Draws Comics. She actually has three comics there, (three discrete comics, not three strips of the same comic) and I’ve only had a chance to check out “Sprinkles” which is the auto-bio one. It’s consistently pretty funny and cutely drawn so give it a read, and optionally check out her other comics if’n you’re inclined. Personally I identified with that first Sprinkles comic; I am chocked full of trivial information, not so great with the practical stuff.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.