They’re only doing it because you react to it Sydney. It does look like she may be loosening up there towards the end.

I had established in the comic that succubi can detect arousal like how sharks can sense electrical fields, but Dabbler’s “Porno Sense” as Sydney dubbed it, can curiously also detect “rompy” situations. Even if no one directly involved is aroused, it’s a fair bet that if there is some sort of soap suds overload incident in the laundry room, or a clothing eating bacteria is on the lose, Dabbler will be the first to know.

I took the time to draw water splashing off Sydney’s orbs, but then the word balloons or water streams mostly covered it up. :(

Dabbler’s partner is one of the lead inventors for Arc-SPARQ. Her name’s Digit, we’ll see more of her later. With some of her gadgets she could potentially hang with the field personnel in Arc-SWAT, except, she’s not allowed to do field work after one or two significant incidents involving some of her bonkers and impractical gadgets. She’s still useful to have around, especially with others to take a second or third swing at her tech and iron out the… quirks.

Thank you for the continued votes. The race for 1st is getting pretty tight. I will definitely try and have a finished version of the picture by the time the next comic goes up. These shower scenes are surprisingly time consuming to draw. Coloring people without clothes definitely saves some work cause there are fewer colors and selections to have to worry about, but then there’s all the specular highlights on the skin, shower streams, steam, soap suds. I think this page actually has the most layers I’ve ever used.

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