See, you guys probably thought I forgot to draw Sydney’s wrist-com for the last few pages didn’t you? >cough<

This page started off with Maxima in a tank top like the one Anvil was wearing on this page, but it didn’t make sense that she would wear a top like that around the base, especially with some of the perverts they employ. So then I redrew Max with her jacket on like so:
GP0350-pBut Sydney’s comment at the end of the page didn’t really play right no matter how much pinchy Y cleavage I gave Max, so I went back to the tank top but used the more conservative she wore during the interview. I couldn’t tell you why she took her jacket off in the meantime. I doubt Candace managed to get her to even unzip it a little.

The mini comic at the bottom of the page is, believe it or not, a cameo by one of the Patreon supporters. It’s more like a cameo teaser, but we’ll see more of him later where he’ll be properly introduced.

Be sure to check out the vote incentive for the month, it’s an updated version of the Spectrum Gals picture I did a while back, but with about 3x as many ladies in it now. You can comment on it here.

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