I considered extending the scene at the comic shop a bit longer, but beside an increasingly belligerent Maxima vs. a totally oblivious Brad, there wasn’t much else left to do there.

I cut a bit from this page where Sydney thought Maxima’s handling of the come on was a bit aggressive but I couldn’t figure out how to dovetail that into a conversation about her having to deal with a lot of unwanted attention and still fit everything else on the page so I’ll save that for another time.

As far as what actually did make it on to the page, yeah, this could be a poor precedent to set. Hopefully their phones are less hackable than the average consumer model. Well… not hopefully. They totally are less hackable, but there may be considerably more incentive for certain antagonistic parties to try and get in to them.

Vote incentives! The new one is up, obviously not finished yet but you can tell it’s a little different than previous ones. It will be updated throughout the month as I get time to work on it.

The previous incentive of the Spectrum Gals is now up at the DeviantArt page at a higher resolution, so go and enjoy the fine detail, and thanks for all the votes!

Update: It looks like Patreon got hacked, because that’s just how things go these days. From what I can tell, credit card numbers were not taken, but I would definitely suggest people change their passwords, especially if you use the same password everywhere, which is security no no number 1.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey.