Sydney may need to re-up the Midol, and her pun game.

It is generally known, at least among the people who know such things, that super powers are hereditary, in that if one or more parents have them, then there’s a much better chance that the children will have them, or even if neither parents have them, if one offspring has them then there’s a better chance that more than one will. Given the low incident rate of super powers in the first place, that’s a difficult statistic to verify, but it has happened a few times.

Usually in the case when neither of the parents have powers, it seems to be that specific pairing which produces super powered offspring. Jiggawatt’s case is unusual where dad seems to be the “carrier,” or it’s just amazing coincidence that dad and each of the moms happen to pair up. As she has no other siblings there’s no way to tell.

It would really suck to have a brother or sister that had powers and you didn’t. I’m sure that’s been used as a supervillain origin more than once, cause man, talk about a sibling rivalry.

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