By saying “attitudes trend positive” Arianna is obviously glazing over the more extreme fear mongers and other individuals or organizations that garner the majority of their ratings through emotional appeal without regard to any long term consequences of doing so. While some of those people may well have valid points, they also tend to move on to the next scandal or policy hypochondria quickly. Eventually the more relentlessly belligerent voices will need to be addressed, but not today.

The concerns about Dabbler’s origins are the usual conspiracy theories and theistic lamentations. They just happen to be right in as much as Dabbler is not a super human, but is actually a demon, but they’re also wrong that she’s here to swallow our souls. Humans are enormously tribalistic, a word I use to mean that we can find an excuse to hate murder anyone who isn’t in our group, be it race, religion, gender, sexuality, hair color probably. “Methodists? They make Episcopalians look like Presbyterians.” The joke being that few people not actually in one of those groups can identify any meaningful differences, (often many who are in those groups can’t either) yet in years past, Protestants and Catholics over in England, who were almost entirely racially homogeneous and agreed on 99% of everything murdered the shit out of each other for decades. I think one group was more in to Mary maybe? It’s a way less funny prequel to “There’s Something About Mary”

Anyway, that’s why they’re being cautious about outing Dabbler. Probably going to try and wait till she’s saved the world at least once. Besides the whole demon thing, it’s proof of advanced life and civilizations beyond humanity which is actually way bigger news than an official federal super team.

No one there has anything in particular against Kelly Rippa. It’s just fun to watch people unaccustomed to spicy food try and eat something genuinely hot. I like this video, it’s not full of spice noobs, but one guy does eventually bury his face in a gallon of ice cream. Not surprising since they all load up Ghost Peppers (900K Scovilles) with “Satan’s Shit” (1.3M) and “The Source” (7.1M). It’s a little bro-y, but they suffer for your entertainment so it’s ok.

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